Sunday, October 5, 2008

Acoustic Submarine

I have no topical reason for posting this, other than I just came across it the other day, and have been listening to it non-stop, and just had to share it. What we have here is an AMAZING bootleg of The Beatles, culled from several (unfortunately unlisted) sources, but this 39 track collection is excellent in sound quality, song selection, and really, just rarity. I'm sure this boot is "old hat" to serious Beatles traders out there, but for the casual (or younger) music fan out there, this is the best place I can imagine to start. I simply LOVE this setlist. There are even a few instrumental versions of great songs, as well as completely reworked versions too. If you have a passing interest in the Beatles, or are a lifelong fan but don't have access to deep rarities, then this boot is for you! Not to mention, how fresh and modern these tracks sound still today. Do yourself a favor. Download this set, and begin enjoying it immediately! Also, forgot to mention: there is even artwork and CD inlay graphics in the download too! Perfect Audio and Creativity Bliss. I am at work right now (as I have been all weekend) and this is just the perfect setlist to while away a working weekend.

Here's the Tracklisting:

1. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
2. And I Love Her
3. I'm A Loser
4. Help!
5. Yesterday
6. Yes It Is
7. Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown)
8. I'm Looking Through You
9. We Can Work It Out
10. I'm Only Sleeping
11. Yellow Submarine
12. A Day In The Life
13. The Fool On The Hill
14. Christmas Time Is Here Again
15. The Happy Kishikesh Song
16. Jubilee
17. Child Of Nature
18. Goodbye
19. What's The New Mary Jane

1. Heather
2. Back In The USSR
3. Dear Prudence
4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
6. Blackbird
7. Rocky Raccoon
8. Julia
9. Mother's Nature Sun
10. Hey, Jude
11. Because
12. I Lost My Little Girl
13. Teddy Boy
14. Mama You've Been On My Mind
15. For You BLue
16. Two Of Us
17. Across The Universe
18. I Me Mine
19. Maggie Mae

here's the Zip!

Download: The Beatles: Acoustic Sumbarine (2 Discs, Zipped)



Swanksalot said...

Cool. I had heard a track or two off of this, back in the wild west Napster years, but never found the entire thing.


Designerd said...

no prob!
I've been really enjoying it!
:) jv