Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nirvana: Seattle, 1990 The Off Ramp Cafe

I have countless Nirvana bootlegs from over the years, but I came across this one last night and thought I should share! It is by far my favorite setlist of the bootlegs I have, and it is a very early show, the very first one in Seattle with Dave Grohl on drums. It is dynamic, energetic, upbeat and thrilling. Lots of covers and rarities, that later made it onto Incesticide, along with Here She Comes Now, one of my favorite rarities of theirs, from Velvet Underground.

Again, the bootleg was presented as a 2 CD file, which I have kept in tact for the sake of trading purposes, but have combined the 2 files into 1 zip file for your downloading ease.

It should be noted that this recording is a frankenstein of sources, all notated in the documentation in the zip file. Where possible, the soundboard recording is used, but for "holes" in this source audience recording is there instead. It really doesn't matter though. the Audience recording is still very very good quality, and very much worth a listen for all rock fans, not just the Nirvana die-hards. The first Seattle show with Dave Grohl is another cool reason this belongs in your collection. Also, makes a great gift for friends who think they have everything, Nirvana-related.

Nirvana - Live 1990, Seattle's Off ramp Cafe

Audio is Soundboard and Audience tapes. Detailed trading and source notes are included as a text file within the zip, along with album/CD cover art.

CD1: (50:28)
01 (Intro)
02 Aneurysm
03 Oh, The Guilt
04 Mr. Moustache
05 Stay Away
06 Breed
07 Floyd The Barber
08 About A Girl
09 Verse Chorus Verse
10 In Bloom
11 Swap Meet
12 Been A Son
13 Stain
14 Blew
15 Sappy

CD2: (51:07)
01 Lithium
02 School
03 D-7
04 Here She Comes Now
05 Sliver
06 Dive [aborted]
07 (Encore Break)
08 Dumb
09 Polly
10 Something In The Way
11 Negative Creep
12 Love Buzz
13 Where Did You Sleep Last Night [tease]
14 Spank Thru
15 Molly's Lips
16 Son Of A Gun
17 Sifting [cut]

Download: Nirvana: 1990 Seattle, The Off ramp Cafe (zipped)

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