Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Down, One To Go

Sharon's surgury for her Detatched Retina went fine yesterday (although a bit more like "Grindhouse" or "Hostel" than she would have liked) and the Doctor was throughly optimistic and pleased with the outcome. Now she has to heal, and go back for followups, to assess how effective it was and if she would need any further procedures.

Apparently, for this type of eye surgery, the patient has to be AWAKE (I guess for the doctor to effectively see the eye and it's functions) so while she was NUMB, she was perfectly lucid and completely aware of what was going on IN HER EYE (for about 3 hours, no less!).

They would have had to hit ME over the head with a hammer, but SHE suffered it just fine.

She has a week and 2 days to heal, because next Thursday my Father has to go back in for his second round of surgery. I hope they got a good discount from buying their surgeries in bulk!

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